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360 °Metamorphosis | On Demand

A fully immersive 360° VR experience that transports you into the first row of an auditorium!

You can now watch our sell-out dance-theatre version of Kafka's classic Metamorphosisfrom the best seat in the house, without leaving the house!


First presented in April 2019 at the West End (funded by the Arts Council England) Metamorphosis received stellar reviews and was selected by the Incoming Festival as "the best emerging theatre work in the UK." In June 2019 the show transferred to both the New Diorama in London, and HOME in Manchester.

24 December 2020 - 21 February 2021 

Tickets: £6 (including a £1 booking fee)




Don't forget: Move around the video using your cursor - you can choose where to look! 

Watch from a laptop or desktop PC in order to experience the VR recording by moving around the video with your cursor. 

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At a time when audiences cannot unite in a theatre auditorium, Collide Theatre joins forces with LIVR, the world’s first virtual reality content platform dedicated to theatre.

We offer exclusively a special 360 experience of our show. 

A nightmarish Kafkaesque experience!


In the course of one night a beloved son turns into a hated freak.​

But is he really different?

Is there really a reason for his family to be as appalled?

This is Gregor Samsa’s story.

It is also the story of anyone who has been made to feel as vermin.​

This is not a piece about a man turning into an insect.

It is a piece about a family not accepting their child for who they are.

This new version, created by director Emily Louizou, addresses one of the biggest human fears: feeling like an outsider – or rather, being made to feel different, particularly by the people most close to you.

A chorus of five performers collectively, through storytelling, dance and music, bring to life the story of Gregor Samsa in a celebration of his uniqueness and the uniqueness of all those before and after him who had to fight against their family’s alienation.


Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 18.32.46.png

Adapted & Directed by Emily Louizou

Designed by Ioana Curelea

Movement by Ioli Filippakopoulou

Composition by David Denyer

Lighting Design by Rajiv Pattani

Produced by Christina Fotinelli

Publicity Photography: K.N. Papaoikonomou

Production Photography: Yiannis Katsaris

Trailers by Vasilis Katsaros



Katharine Hardman, Joseph Hardy, Katy Ellis, Jodie May, Manuela Albrecht

★★★★ “Metamorphosis is a fantastic show, pre-senting a fresh and original take on Kafka that will please both the knowledgeable and the curious.” PlaysToSee

★★★★ “This staging of Metamorphosis is starkly original and works as a moving piece of story-telling. It’s certainly provocative, engaging theatre.” The Panoptic

★★★★ “Perhaps the philosophy that supports Metamorphosis is deeper and wider than childhood, but this fresh interpretation of Kafka’s wretched, haunting tale propels it straight into the 21st Century where it belongs to be revisited yet again, and perhaps for centuries to come.”  LondonTheatre1

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