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It’s our birthday and we are celebrating with a big event!

Friday 17th & Saturday 18th June @ Ugly Duck

Collide Theatre is turning 7 years old and is celebrating with lots of live events! Join us for a weekend of celebration, live music, theatre and visual art in one of London’s coolest places - Tanner Street’s warehouse - and where it all began for us back in 2016.

1. COLLIDE CELEBRATES: Saturday 18th, 7.30pm

For one night only, on Saturday the 18th June, we will bring together a unique selection of artists and talented recent graduates to perform songs they love and which connect them with Collide. Expect renditions of Britney Spears, Patti Smith, Lana Del Rey, original compositions, greek folk songs, and much more.

Join more than 10 performers (from some of Collide's classic pieces, as well as from the projects we are developing now) for a great line-up. What better way to celebrate our birthday than with live music and drinks?

Book your ticket here!


We are also thrilled to have invited an exciting emerging theatre company - Psychonaut Theatre - with the same ethos as Collide to create two pieces to be performed at Ugly Duck on the 17th & 18th June.

2. PSYCHONAUT - Live Art exhibition (Saturday / open from 2pm to 4pm / durational piece) in the Garage - £5

Psychonaut is the first performance exhibition by Psychonaut Theatre, which invites the audience into a highly visual exploration of identity. The exhibition features six original pieces by the collective’s individual artists, exploring themes such as sexuality, gender idenity, abusive parenthood, feminism, neuroatypicality and social politics, with the work taking the form of different mediums, including live durational performance, short film and installation. On entering the space, one is free to wander around and explore a range of different artistic approaches to identity, and in some cases they are even invited to interact with the performers.

Book your ticket here!

3. MUMS - Performance (Friday at 7.30pm & Saturday at 5.30pm) in the Garage / £10 & £5 (concessions)

a wonderful tragic family a bubble grief waiting They thought this moment would change everything. But does it? Mums is a poetic and delicate look into the state of grieving, following one family in their attempt to adjust to a new reality. Inspired by Jean Luc-Lagarce’s play J'étais dans ma maison et j'attendais que la pluie vienne, the piece is a collage of different original texts, songs and movement, interwoven and devised by the company. In this new site-specific version, developed in response to Ugly Duck, the five performers take the audience on a journey through the characters’ grief, asking what pain is and inviting them to deepen their awareness of this universal state.

Book your ticket here!

About Psychonaut Theatre

Psychonaut Theatre is an emerging intermedial, multidisciplinary collective, consisting of six individual artists and theatre-makers, all graduating from BA Acting and Performance at Wimbledon College of Arts, UAL. Their work covers a range of disciplines, with each of the artists having their own unique styles, skills, interests, and cultural and training backgrounds. As a company, they aim to combine these elements to create original and experimental contemporary performance that often asks questions about the nature of theatre as a live art form. In collaboration, their work always puts their artists first, striving to ensure the representation of each of their members in their work.

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