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The Woman Who Turned Into A Tree

📍Omnibus Theatre, South London
4th to 22nd April 2023

Daphne is desperate to re-invent herself. Class, looks, money, men. 

Daphne is a young woman living in a world governed by toxic masculinity and scrupulous judgement. With no support network, plummeting mental health and growing paranoia, Daphne gradually loses touch with reality.  


The Woman Who Turned into a Tree is a world premiere from writer Lisa Langseth (Love & Anarchy, Netflix) and director Emily Louizou. Fusing original music with live sound and movement, this new play inspired by the Daphne myth is a timely tale about isolation, identity and destructive obsession with the opinions of others. 



Writer: Lisa Langseth 

Director: Emily Louizou

Translator: Rochelle Wright

Set & Costume Design: Ioana Curelea

Music Composition: David Denyer

Movement Direction: Ioli Filippakopoulou

Lighting Design: Amy Hill

Dramaturgy: Sam Pout 

Stage Manager: Steph Siraut

Assistant Director: Alexandra Stroming

Assistant Producer: Sanjana Samaddar

Assistant Stage Manager: Eve Wilson 

Photography: Lucy Feng

Performed by: 

Bathsheba Piepe and Ioli Filippakopoulou 

And a special thank you to Richard Hope for lending his voice to the show as Daphne's father.

Thank you to:

Isobel Wood and BW Studios for the rehearsal space.

George Turner for supporting Collide’s fundraising activity. 

HOPE for the contribution in the costume.

Lastly, Collide's benefactors: Anna Bella Inglessis, Dimitris Ballas, Angela & Bea Hadjipateras.

WED_6416 3.jpg

“I want to scream. I need an entirely new life because the old one isn’t working, there’s a war going on inside me and I need to rally the forces.” 

Concept Trailer 
Cinematographer & Editor: Vassilis Kastaros

In 3 words
Cinematographer & Editor: Eleanor Grice

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